Abnormal Psychology

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  • Abnormal Psychology
    • Scientific study of abnormal behaviour & changing abnormal patterns of functioning. Abnormal = Statistical Deviance
    • Deviance
      • - From behaviours, thoughts and emotions that differ from proper functioning     - From social norms; proper conduct          - Judgement of abnormality differ from cultures and societies
    • Distress
      • Behaviours or emotions have to cause distress before labelled as 'abnormal'
      • Dysfunction
        • Abnormal behaviour interferes with everyday functioning; relationships, work, healthcare
    • Danger
    • Behaviour may become dangerous to one-self or others (hostile, confused) - (Considered exception rather than the rule!)
  • CULTURE AND SOCIETY NORMS MAY BE A PROBLEM - If we refer to 'abnormal psychology' as a definite concept, can we use it consistently? The answer is probably no. Theories of mental health vary all around the world


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