A Woman's Last Word

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  • A Woman's Last Word
    • Layout
      • very short stanzas, 10, could this because it's a women? little to say? unpowerful, or just a different approach
      • Love is repeated many times, is this a loving relationship thought? Links to Bishops. 'peace' but is it peaceful
    • Rythm
      • Strong/weak trochaic pattern with critics like LARuins, shorter lines connect to talking less
      • REgular rhyme patter, '-hold me', 'charm', 'Fold me', 'arm', conforming, making yourself behave
    • Context
      • A relationship between a man and a woman
      • Women were possessed, society expects her to share her body with husband
      • Importance of speech- women were not meant to b articulating, suppressed or articulated? What is being expressed here?
        • Links with MLD, face of it D  not causing trouble but really is more controlling, sort of like this girl he presents
    • Character
      • Female speaker, unusual, woman is the active subject
        • Battle of 'what I get what you get'
          • 'Strive nore weep' there has been a past conflict. Gentle imperatives trying for control, she wants to sleep, peaceful like LARuins? But she isn't sleeping she is having/tryingto have the last word
            • Weak imperatives like Bishops.
              • Elizabeth;s marriage was very claustrophobic, when love is threatened is end of the World
        • Let's contend no more', trying to guide
          • Readers not invited to ironic judgement really, like others
        • 'Be a god and hold me With a charm!' is it desperate nagging?
        • 'Teach me, only teach, Love!', calling him a teacher i, a god, is it a subtle flattery, position of powerful man, he needs to sort out relationship, protect her, she is using imperatives
        • -Must a little weep, Love, (Foolish me!)
          • Brackets like in LARuins, stereotypical women, showing him how she is hurt, showing his cruelty, is Browning showing all men their cruelty at the time, he loved Elizabeth so much, links with MLD girl is terribly hurt, mistreated
    • Imagery
      • Biblical, frightened, sad, weak, surprising
        • 'Where the serpent's tooth is Shun the tree-', Biblical reference, Genesis. 'Where the apple reddens', forbidden fruit, heterosexualrelationship can transcend an Eden like paradise, 'Eden', paradise, not wanting go share/be open may kick start loss of Eden
          • 'Lest we lose our Edens, Eve and I', this interpretation of Genesis is showing it as Eve's fault
    • 'What so wild as words are?'
      • questioning, alliteration like Bishops. LARuins
    • In debate, as birds are, Hawk on bough!'
      • Exclamation seen in  other poems e.g Bishops, MLD, birds, natural? threatening, is she prey, is their love under threat?
    • 'See the creature stalking While we speak!'
      • While they talk they are in danger, is she talking to herself? If she speaks out will their love break
        • In order to have a relationship must she suppress herself
    • 'What so false as truth is, False to thee?
      • Scared of temptation, Two Camp., oxymoronic
    • 'Think they thought-'
      • Do what he tells her comply to him, complete utter repression, worrying, is it a performance of repression submission or reallinks to becoming same body in Two Camp.


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