A Sign from Heaven - Horace

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  • A Sign from Heaven - Horace
    • "parcus/infrequens" - Horace suggests that he didn't worship the gods very well or very often until...
    • deliberate (near) juxtaposition of "insanientis" and "sapientiae", and "consultus" and "erro" to emphasise contrast
    • "vela dare" - metaphorical - Horace's 'return journey' is actually a change of attitude
    • "diespiter" (archaic word) appropriate as Horace is returning to traditional religion
    • vivid and poetic description of thunder and lightning
    • lines 9-10 - anaphora of "quo"
    • Styx = a mythical river in the underworld
    • Taenarum = a place in Greece, supposedly the entrance to the underworld
    • enjambment in line 12 of "concuiter". the whole world is shaken by Jupiter's thunder & lightning
    • a reversal of fortune is a common theme in Greek tragedy
      • here Fortunais  personified as a goddess - she seems to take delight [gaudet]in changing people's luck


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