A Passage to Africa Summary

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  • A Passage to Africa
    • Audience
      • Those interested in the subject
      • Those in a more favourable condition
      • Readers of newspapers
      • Adults
    • Register (Tone)
      • Begining
        • "Callous"
        • Inured
        • Death described dispassionatly
        • "Revulsion" for the dying and sick
        • “What might have appalled us ... no longer impressed us much.”
        • Admits it himself - “this sounds callous”, “the ghoulish manner of journalists”
        • “a mixture of pity and revulsion”
        • “The degeneration of the human body ... is a disgusting thing.”
        • "same old stuff"
      • End
        • Personal response
        • Curious
        • Shocked (at the smile)
        • Hopeful
        • Pities them: “they aspire to a dignity that is almost impossible to achieve”
        • “I had to find out.”
        • Regrets the fact that he never “found out what the man’s name was”
        • Futility
          • The man will never read the article, even though it is written almost in dedication to him
    • Purpose
      • To shock the audience
      • To show how journalists are obligated to show the harshest news
      • To emphasise the distance between the journalist and the people in the feeding centres
      • A dedication to the man with the smile
    • Form
      • Autobiographical


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