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  • A narrow Fellow in the Grass
    • First Stanza
      • "A narrow Fellow" - Personification of the snake
      • "You may have met him - did you not" - He's not easy to see. The speaker is asking us directly
      • "Occasionally rides" its not something that you see everyday
      • "His not sudden is" - Twisted syntax
    • Second Stanza
      • "The grass divides as with a comb" - Simile; the snake is dividing the grass. He is in control of the grass
      • "A spotted shaft is seen" the use of alliteration suggest that the snake disappears in the blink of an eye
      • "your feet" - The speaker is trying to get us to consider the experience from our point of view
    • Third Stanza
      • The verb "unbraiding" suggests that the snake may be shedding its skin
      • "He likes" - Personifies the snake
      • "cool for Corn" - he likes the cooler temperature. Suggests that he's in a lake
      • "Yet when a Boy" - The speaker is adult reflecting on what happened as a child
    • Forth Stanza
      • Several of Nature's People - Personifying the animals - "I know them and they know me"
      • The speaker feels close to them - "transport of cordiality"
    • Fifth Stanza
      • "tighter breathing" - The speaker is scared


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