A2 evidence OCD

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  • Biological explanations
    • A2 evidence- OCD
      • Non-biological explanations
        • Cognitive model
          • Tolin et al: dysfunctional beliefs are related to OCD-symptoms match the thoughts
          • Abromowitz et al: for the average OCD sufferer, cognitive therapy is no more effective than a behavioural therapy using flooding techniques
          • No conclusive evidence that the therapy developed from the cognitive model is the most effective
      • Treatments
        • CBT
          • Balkom et al: ERP is more effective than other treatments
          • Cordioloi: CBT is only effective for about 70% of patients, with some not responding
          • Van Oppen et al: did not find ERP/CBT effective
        • Drugs
          • Stanford school of medicine: 40-60% of patients with OCD respond to SSRI's
          • Koran et al: relapse rates are high with SSRI's
    • Faulty circuit
      • Hou et al: fMRI scans show OCD patients had higher activity in the OC and CG
      • Whiteside et al: the CG, BG and OC become more active when OCD is stimulated
      • Sanematsu et al: other brain areas are active when OCD is stimulated


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