A03: The Nature-Nurture Debate

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  • A03: The Nature-Nurture Debate
    • S: Real world implications
      • Nativists suggest genes determine behaviour
      • This has led to controversy e.g. linking race to eugenics policies
      • Recognising both nature and nurture play a role is a more reasonable way to approach the study and 'management' of human behaviour
    • L: Confounding factor of unshared environemnts
      • Siblings raised within the same family will not have identcal upbringing
      • Individual differences mean children may experience, e.g. a parental divorce, differently
      • This explains why even MZ twins reared together do not show perfect concordance rates
    • S: Evidence for the gene-environemnt interaction
      • 3 types of gene-environment interaction have been identified
      • These are passive, evocative and active (Scarr and McCartney, 1983)
      • This points to a complex and multilayered relationship between nature and nurture
    • S: Relates to other debates
      • A strong commitment to either nature or nurture corresponds to a belief in hard determinism
      • Nativists believe in biological determinism
      • Empiricists believe in environmental determinism
      • This shows how nature and nurture can link to and support other debates


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