A UN War - Korean War

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    • UN WAR
      • One of Truman's main aims was to support the UN
        • He had the support of the Security Council and General Assembly
        • He frequently said that the Korean War was a UN war
        • Pronouncements of Truman administration and UN statements all claimed it was a UN war
      • 15 other members of the UN fought alongside US and ROK troops such as: Britain, France and the Philippines.
        • Roughly 4000 of their soldiers died in Korea
        • Other members helped by sending medics, food and economic aid
      • Soviets always said the 'UN efforts' were triggered and dominated by Americans
      • US and South Korea provided 90% of fighting men, Truman insisted that MacArthur communicate only with Washington
      • There was disagreement among US allies over many issues on which the US acted on without reference to anyone else
        • e.g. Britain was anxious over: US talk of using atomic weaponry and the dispatch of the US 7th Fleet into the Taiwan Straits
      • There's no doubt that US always did what they wanted to do usually without reference to UN or allies
      • Around 40,000 troops from other UN countries joined America
        • Communications between forces of different nationalities proved difficult
      • Friendly Fire
        • e.g. a British brigade took to a hill then called for a US air strike against North Korean positions, despite the British and North Koreans both used white flags thus US ended up bombing the British
      • British Commonwealth Brigade tried to free some ambushed Americans but US didn't know the British radio frequency
        • Turks couldn't understand what US commanders were telling them = sometimes captured South Koreans instead of Chinese


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