The River Mekong

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  • A trans-boundary water issue
    • The River Mekong flows through S.E Asia
      • China
      • Myanmar
      • Laos
      • Thailand
      • Cambodia
      • Vietnam
      • It flows through the Tibetan Plateau to the South China Sea
    • 60million people rely upon the river for fishing, fresh water and transport
    • China have begun to build dams across the river
      • The annual floods cannot take place
        • Which mens that crops cannot grow in other countries that rely upon this
      • Affects the natural discharge of the river
    • Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam set up the Mekong River Commision funded by the EU and the World Bank
      • It aims to create sustainable Hydro-Electric Power  projects
      • Fishery programmes aimed at carefully managing fish stocks and share the knowledge
      • River Navigation set up to make transport safer across the river
      • Socio-economic and eco-friendly river basin


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