SCND symbols and motifs

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  • A Streetcar Named desire symbols and motives
    • varsouviana polka
      • remembering of past
      • Untitled
    • bathing
      • to cleanse herself and the past - a way to get into fantasy
      • a way to wake up and make stanley back into reality
    • Alcohol and drunkeness
      • to get away from the past and the actual situation
    • shadows
      • help Blanche to fall even more into madness
    • Streetcar
      • Brings Blanche to her destiny
    • papern lantern/moon
      • to cover reality, and to find fantasy (and lies) better
      • to cover up her sordid past
    • Train - locomotive sound
      • shows the modernisation/ new south - something antagonist to Blanche
    • blue piano
      • music of this kind helps to convey atmosphere in the audience


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