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  • A Streetcar Named Desire
    • Characters
      • BLANCHE: mentally ill, middle aged protagonist & tragic victim, obsessed with desire
      • STELLA: Blanche's sister, the mediator between her and Stanley
      • STANLEY: aggressive husband of Stella, antagonist & tragic villain
      • MITCH: Blanche's love interest who also has hidden desires
      • EUNICE & STEVE: neighbours that show the dynamic of many couples in 50's
    • Themes
      • DESIRE: each character has some desire that ends in disaster
      • FANTASY VS REALITY: try to show different parts of themselves to look better
      • SEX & ROMANCE: can be seen to not correlate, sex is primitive
      • DECEPTION: Blanche lies about alcohol, Mitch, Belle Reve and more
      • NORTH VS SOUTH Stanley and Blanche represent different ways of life
    • Symbolism
      • ANIMAL: Blanche the moth, Stanley the ape
        • LIGHT: Blanche hates, Stanley loves
      • PLACE: significance of Belle Reve and the streetcar and Elysian Fields
      • MUSIC: blue piano for loss, the Varrsouviana for death
    • Quotes
      • 'I have always depended on the kindness of strangers' - Blanche
      • 'There are things about my sister I don't approve of,  things that caused sorrow' - Stella
      • 'I am not a Polack' - Stanley
    • Motifs
      • DRUNKNESSStanley drinks socially, Blanche drinks ant-socially
    • Context
      • OLD SOUTH VS NEW SOUTH: different ideals and ways of life
        • SOUTHERN BELLE: ideal woman, Blanche wants to be
        • NEW ORLEANS: full of different cultures


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