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  • A range of strategies has been tried by countries experiencing rapid population growth
    • The effectiveness of population policies adopted in different countries since the 1990s to include birth control programmes and other strategies adopted
      • Birth control programmes
        • laws about how many children you can have
        • helps towards sustainable development, leaves resources for future generations
        • help to plan and limit family sizes
          • free advice
          • free contraception
          • sex education
      • immigration laws
        • helps towards sustainable development because it slows down population growth rate
        • control by limiting numbers allowed to immigrate
        • let in fewer of a child bearing age
    • the social economic, political implication of population change and the need to achieve sustainable devlopment
      • Social
        • services (healthcare, education) can't cope. some don't have access to it
        • not enough houses, shanty towns, health problesm
        • food shortages
        • children have to work to support large families so miss out on educcation
      • policitcal
        • gov must make policies to bring pop. growth under control
        • fewer older people so laws don't focus on them, limited pensions
        • more young people, laws focus on them, education, childcare
      • economic
        • not enough jobs so unemployment increases
        • increased poverty, kids born into poor families


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