A Police State

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  • A Police State
    • Policing
      • Hitler set up his own security forces - realised not all the existing German Police supported him. These forces were run by the Nazis. Main weapon was fear.
        • ** (Protection Squad) - set up by Heinrich Himmler in 1925 - led by Himmler - wore black uniforms - controlled Germany's police and security forces - acted outside the law - ran concentration camps - had to marry 'radically pure' wives
          • SD (Security Forces) - set up by Heinrich Himmler in 1931 - led by Reynhard Heydrich - wore uniforms - spied on opponents of the Nazi party
          • Gestapo (Secret Agent Police) - set up by Hermann Georing in 1933 - led by Heydrich - wore plain clothes - spied on people - prosecuted people for speaking out against the Nazis - sent ppl to concentration camps and used torture
    • The Legal System
      • Hitler controlled - made it difficult for anyone to oppose him
        • Controlled the judges
          • All judges had to favour the Nazi party in a decision
        • Controlled the law courts
          • Abolished trail by jury - only judges were to decide if guilty/innocent
    • Concentration camps up to 1939
      • First camp built in Dachau in 1933 - housed growing number of ppl being arrested
      • Camps were in isolated areas so no one could see what was going on (many more were being built)
      • Inmates were treated v badly and forced to do hard labour
        • Inmates - political prisoners, undesirables - Jews, minority groups


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