A multi-power world- rise of the BRIC's

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  • A multi-polar world- the rise of the BRIC's
    • India
      • Strengths
        • Educated, English speaking workforce.
          • Economy is worth $2tr (10th larest).
            • Rapid 7.8% GDP growth.
              • Huge population for potential consumers.
      • Weaknesses
        • Poor infrastructure as transport is costly.
          • Hard to set up businesses as it's a bureaucracy.
            • Lack energy resources, but have large supplies of finite coal.
            • 80% live on under $2 a day.
      • Oppertunities
        • China will invest in India's major industries like textiles, iron ore and pharmacuticals
          • Technology products made in China and the software is in India's innovative nation.
        • More educated youthful population that is innovative.
          • Attracts the future investment of TNC's
      • Threats
        • Lack of quality primary school teacher, taking children out of school
        • Weak government ith little cultural influence.
        • Needs economic growth to redistribute the gap between the rich+poor.
    • Brazil
      • Strengths
        • 6th largest economy
        • Good diplomatic relations.
        • 3/4 of electricity comes from HEP- low carbon footprint
        • Abundant in natural resources- the Amazon is rich in resources.
      • Weaknesses
        • Housing and production is not being tackled politically.
      • Oppertunities
        • Large potential for wind power
          • The superpower model shows them to have a high level of 'soft power' influence e.g. World Cup, Music.
            • Many TNC's, particularly energy companies are investing in Brazil's wind power.
          • Potenitial to be a regional superpower.
      • Threats
        • Problems with transport infrastructure and the growth of their economy which has slowed down.
          • China is buying less oil.
    • USA & EU
      • Weaknesses
      • Threats
        • Recent absorption of former communist countries into both EU and US has increased tensions with Russia.
        • 3 major pipelines lie in Ukraine, so if R threatens to cut gas supply, EU's supplies could be reduced.
          • EU support for new gas routes, but gas is finite and we are reaching peak.
      • Strengths
        • The Eurovision song contest reflect a changing world (7 competed in 1956 and 43 in 2008).
          • 27 EU countries that exceed the economic weight of the USA.31% of global GDP.
        • NATO and G8 are  increasing influence.
          • Nationaiist movements are stengthening i.e. In Scotland, support for devolution is growing (to desentralise power from govern.)
          • NATO's main role is to defend member states and NA but also play a key role in sensitive areas like Afgh.
            • Both have experienced economic growth & falling consumer prices.
            • Both have benefitted from cheaper food, clothing & electronics from China.
              • USA is the greatest global soft power
                • USA produces 25%+  of GDP.


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