A Multi-National Company: Nokia

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  • A Multi-National Company: Nokia
    • A Finnish company whose headquarters are based in Helsinki
      • Originally produced timber and rubber products
      • Also produced telephone cables
      • Brought a company manufacturing mobile phones
      • It employs over 100,000 people in 120 countries worldwide
    • Nokia has located in many countries to reduce costs
      • Therefore looking for cheap labour, low land cost and low business rates.
      • As well as in the USA, UK, Finland, Germany and Japan where Skilled workers are available
    • Economic Effects on Countries
      • New employment opportunites
      • New Science and Technology parks
      • Increased taxation to national and local government
      • Greater sale volumes for Nokia
      • Multiplier effect in local areas creating more jobs
    • Social Effects on Countries
      • Better Quality of Life for people as wealth increases
      • Increase in social amenities like pubs, restaurants, shops, etc.
      • Local Governments spend more to improve the region by reclaiming derelict land


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