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  • A Healthy, Comfortable Pregnancy
    • What to do?
      • Eat Healthy
        • Eat Foods High in Fibre
          • Helps with Constapation
      • Do Light Exercise
        • Swimming
        • Yoga
      • Rest and Relax
      • Choose Suitable Clothing
        • Not too Tight
        • Allows Room for Growth
        • Stretchy and Lightweight Fabrics
        • Avoid Heeled Shoes
    • What to Avoid?
      • Alcohol
        • This can cause FAS (Foetal Alcohol Syndrome), Stillbirth, Small Baby and Facial Abnormality
      • Drugs
        • These can cause Low Birth Weight, Withdrawal Symptom and Mental Impairments
      • Smoking
        • Nicotine and Carbon Dioxide increase the risks of having a Premature Baby. Can cause Low Birth Weight, Miscarriage, Stillbirth, SIDS, Physical and Learning Abnormalities and Damaged Placenta.
      • Food
        • Eggs. Unless Hardboiled or Products containing Raw Egg
          • Can cause Samonella
        • Unpateurised Milk, Soft Cheese, Undercooked Meat and Pate
          • Listeriosis
            • Can cause Miscarriage, Still Birth and Severe Illness
        • Liver and Liver Products
          • Vitamin A
            • Too Much Harms the Baby
        • Fruit and Vegetables with Soil On or Undercooked Meat
          • Toxoplasmosis
            • Miscarriage, Still Birth and Blind Baby


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