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  • 'A Doll's House' AO5
    • As Byatt
      • the play is about a 'searching exploration of the female'
      • Nora ‘displays a silliness and insensitivity that are also part of her downfall’
      • ‘Nora is not a very sympathetic woman’
      • during the tarantella, Nora ‘is seen as a sexual object by Rank and Helmer, the two men watching’
      • Helmer is ‘a man trapped in a doll’s house’
    • Halvdan Koht (an early biographer of Ibsen)
      • the play 'pronounced a death sentence on accepted social ethics'
      • the play 'exploded like a bomb into contemporary life'
      • “it attacked reigning social conventions”
    • Ibsen
      • 'I am not even very sure what Women’s Rights really are' - in a speech for the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights
      • ‘prosecutors and judges who assess feminine conduct from a masculine standpoint’ - about the world
      • ‘A mother in modern society…..retires and dies once she has done her duty by propagating the race’
    • Nick and Non Worrall
      • 'Torvald’s subservience to petty social values were more important to him than his feelings for his wife'
    • Robert Dean
      • “Christine represents independent woman’s voluntary return to a patriarchal institute”
    • Samuel Rufus
      • Helmer's 'love is only a form of possessing her and exploiting her completely”
    • Erik Vullum
      • 'Torvald slowly sacrifices her on the altar of his egotism'
    • Andrew Dixon
      • 'a play that depicts a woman coming to terms with the restrictions of her life and taking control of her destiny'
      • Ibsen's plays are 'fierce assaults on conventions we still hold dear'
    • Suffragette Gina Krog
      • She called the play a 'miracle'
    • 2003 'A Doll's House'
      • Nora left by pulling a gun ather than slamming the door
    • M W Brun 1879
      • 'Any real wife in Nora's situation would throw herself into her husband's arms'
    • Genre Theory
      • ADH is a problem play
      • Individual freedom and choices (not feminist)
    • Denise Colay
      • 'Rank's illness is a product of his morally corrupt father'
    • Nessar Uddin
      • 'Nora is Ibsen's mouthpiece of women emancipation, demonstrating an individual's liberation from the shackles of society'
    • Mary Wollstonecraft
      • 'in societies women were deemed childlike'


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