A Constable Calls

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  • A Constable Calls
    • Meaning
      • Power of an oppressive government
      • British control over Ireland
      • Political poem
    • Structure
      • "Imagining the black hole in the barracks."
        • End stopped - fear
      • Cyclical structure
        • Starts and Ends with constable on bike
          • Inevitable that he will return
          • Heaney watches him come and go
            • Lack of trust between countries
    • Language
      • Violence references
        • gun
          • "cocked back"
        • Bomb
          • "ticked, ticked, ticked"
            • Repetition shows inevitability that history will repeat itself
      • Police man's holster
        • Attention to detail eg."polished" shows fear
        • "unstrapped" - authority
          • "His cap was upside down / On the floor"


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