A Christmas Carol Themes

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  • A Christmas Carol THEMES
      • Title of the novella - refers to traditional carol singing
        • Unusual layout - 5 staves rather than chapters
          • 5 staves - reflect the structure of a carol and link the story to joy and singing
      • FRED (Scrooge's nephew) - cheerful approach to Christmas
        • Opposite of Scrooge
          • Celebrates with family and friends
      • Tiny Tim - Importance of Family and Love
      • BEGINNING- Scrooge is miserable and miserly
        • Rejects all offers of Christmas cheer
          • Christmas is a 'humbug'
      • Ghost of Christmas Present- shows Scrooge how unpleasant he is
        • Uses his own words against him, Scrooge was 'overcome with penitence and grief'
      • REDEEMED
        • Scrooge wakes up on Christmas day a new man
      • Scrooge refuses to give money to the poor
        • Scrooge's refusal, represents the selfishness of the richer elements of Victorian society
      • IGNORANCEAND WANT (represent the poor)
        • Ghost tells Scrooge that the children are the responsibility of mankind
      • Thieves dividing up Scrooge's belongings
        • Thieves sort through Scrooge's things and comment on how miserable his life was
          • Makes Scrooge and the reader realise the failure of only think of oneself
        • To show Scrooge how his death will be received


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