A Christmas Carol Themes and Context

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  • A Christmas Carol- Key Themes and Context
    • Poverty
      • Religious Views
        • should help the poor
        • Christian beliefs on helping others
        • many charities run by the church
        • everyone is equal under God
        • 'love thy neighbour'
        • Donations and Philanthropy
          • Kindness
      • Workhouses and treadmills
        • families split up
        • poor sanitation
        • very little food
          • gruel- little nutrition
          • bad quality and tasteless
        • tried to encourage people to teach value of hard worl
          • poverty linked to laziness
          • made conditions and work so bad people didn't want to stay
        • hard labour
          • breaking stones
          • splitting rope
      • Debtors Prisons
        • poor conditions
        • Dickens' father went to debtors Prison
      • Malthusian Views
        • poor will die out naturally due to Darwins theory of evolution/ natural selection
          • poor should be ignored
          • the issue would resolve itself so no aid should be given to the poor
        • poor were lazy
        • Dickens disagreed with Malthusian views and wanted to support the poor
    • Family
      • Scrooge
        • isolated and lonely
        • doesn't associate with his family so is unhappy
        • 'he thought that such another creature might have called him father and been a spring time in the haggard winter of his life'
          • family is important
          • you should care for your family
          • regrets not having a family
      • Cratchits
        • "make do attitude"
          • physically poor but rich in love
      • Poor
        • children often had to work to support their families
          • young looked after the old
        • physically poor but rich in love
      • Upper Class
        • only associated with each other
        • wouldn't marry outside of class
    • Supernatural and life after death
      • Marley's Ghost
        • everything you do in life is carried forward to the afterlife
        • never too late to change
          • can save your soul
          • religion
          • redemption
      • Victorian Gothic
        • supernatur-al elements
        • death or violence
        • Graveyards, omens, shadows, terror, visions, inexplicable events, featuring the unknown
    • Christmas
      • A religious holiday
        • society was very religious
        • time for family to come together
      • Time of Peace
        • fighting ceases
        • Ghost of Christmas present has no sword
      • Spirit of Giving
        • helping the poor
        • philanthropy
          • charity
      • Class divide
        • poor
          • goose
            • Cratchits "I hope one day the children will taste a turkey"
        • rich
          • Turkey




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