A Christmas Carol: Jacob Marley

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  • Jacob Marley
    • Cash Boxes and Heavy Purses
      • Links to Chain
        • Show burden
    • Damnation
    • Sin
      • Avarice
    • Allusion to Dante's poem Inferno
    • Avaracious sinners condemned to the 4th Circle of Hell
      • Burdened by heavy weight
    • QUOTES
      • "Wear the chains I forged in life"
      • "Screamed"
      • "Doomed to wander through the world"
      • "Witness what it cannot share, but might've shared on earth"
      • "Felt the chilling influence of its death-cold eyes"
      • "Shun the path I tread"
        • All men are stereotypical
    • Tiles
    • Door Knocker


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