A christmas carol: Context

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  • A Christmas Carol: Context
    • Charles Dickens
      • 1812-1870
        • He was educated when he was young
      • His Father was sent to Marshalsea prison
        • Dickens was 9
        • His Father stayed there for 3 months until his mother's will entitled him to £450
        • Failed to pay back a debt
      • He was sent to work at Warren's blacking factory when he was 12
      • His first job was a solicitor's clerk
        • He earned 15 shillings a week which
          • Bob Cratchit's wage
      • Worked as a journalist
        • Published his writing in weekly sketches
      • He published ACC in 1843
    • Malthusian Theory
    • Victorian Christmas
      • Christmas was a mix of Christian celebration and Pagan belief
        • The rich would've eaten expensive foods and given expensive gifts
          • The poor would've gone by with things like rabbit for Christmas dinner
    • Poor
    • Death
    • Laws
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