A Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit

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  • Bob Cratchit
    • Devoted to his son
    • "Pleaded Bob"
    • "I'll give you Mr Scrooge the founder of the feast"
    • "Bob served it out with beaming looks"
    • Represents the loving father that Scrooge never had
    • Works in Scrooges Office
    • Obedient
    • Sensitive
    • Family Fun
    • Hard Working
    • Family Orientated
    • Kind
    • Humble
    • "(He) tried to warm himself at the candle
    • The Cratchit family are that of a large family and the older of the children work to gain money to help their father
      • Wife does not work because she stays at home to aid her ill and younger children
        • Tiny Tim
      • Bob Crachits wage is little
    • Fearful
    • Generous
    • The family have little to live off of
    • Happy with what they have
      • No need for anything more
    • "Golden Goblets"
    • "My little, little child"
    • Thanks Scrooge for the meal
    • Is alarmed when Scrooge changes and wonders if he should call the police


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