A Christmas Carol

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  • Family
    • Belle's family
      • context: Belle's large family (like Queen Victoria
        • large, "boisterous", loving family, a house "full of comfort".
      • imagery: "spring-time in the haggard winter"
    • The Cratchits
      • Supportive, after Tim's death.
      • love more important then money.
        • "happy, grateful, pleased with one another"
    • Intro
      • Context: Queen Victoria, large families
      • Family is important because of the happiness it brings.
    • Conclusion
      • happy relationships show the importance of family.
      • Scrooge as a contrast to emphasise this.
    • Fred's family
      • laughter-filled "contagious"
      • "I mean to give the same chance every year"
    • Scrooge's relationship with Fan
      • happy language: "merriment"
        • "home,     home, home!"
      • contrast:   Scrooge's walking "despairingly" vs "home's like heaven"


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