A Child called It

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  • A Child called It
    • Quotes
      • 1st Paragraph
        • "Oh no! I tell myself, I've done something wrong...again."
        • "enjoys using food as her weapon"
        • "as quickly as I can, swallows it before Mother changes her mind"
      • 2nd Paragraph
        • Abusing
          • "I act timid, nodding to her threats."
            • pretend to be frightened
          • "Another blow pushed my head against the tile counter top"
            • bullies the vulnerable & aggressive
          • "SMACK! Mother hits me in the face, and I topple to the floor."
            • violent
      • 3rd Paragraph
        • Experience in school
          • "entering the room, all the students plug their noses and hiss at me"
            • could not stand Dave's foul smell and even his presence could make them shout disapproval
          • "summoned back to the principal's office, the entire room lets out a howl at me - the reject of the fifth grade"
            • jeered
          • "when they yell, "David's busted! David's busted""
            • gloated over his misfortune
    • Characters
      • Dave
      • Principal
      • Mother
    • Plot
      • Doing the chores
      • Eating leftovers
      • Late for school
      • Examine his injuries
      • Reports to Mr Hansen
      • Police came to free him
    • Setting
      • School
      • Home
      • Highway


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