Introduction to pro-African American Civil Rights groups

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  • African American civil rights - pro-groups
    • Reliance on individuals or protective power of federal state faded following loss of rights following Reconstruction period
    • Defiantly segregationist white governors
      • E.g. Orval Faubus, who tried to prevent desegregation of schools in Arkansas, and George Wallace in Alabama only served to push reluctant administrations to use federal authority to enforce Supreme Court decisions because of media attention.
    • Greater television coverage meant discrimination, segregation, violence and disregard for law could not be hidden away as it had been 1877-1940s
    • Effective opposition depended on support from Supreme Court rulings and political indifference of federal government
      • Once that had changed, as a result of more effective civil rights organisation and inspiration of individual leaders, then opposition seemed merely old fashioned, desperate and dangerous to USA's reputation


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