Social Change in Britain, Women and Work

A brief mindmap convering the key points in social change regarding women in the workplace. 

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  • Women And Work
    • Legislation boosted female participation in the work place.
      • 1970- Equal Pay Act.
      • 1975- Sex discrimination Act.
    • Both FIlm and Popular music has provided female icons by hvaing artists who write and perform their own songs e.g. Katie Melua and Amy WInehouse
    • Percentage of girls who achieved GCSE equivalent grades or higher has risen faster than boys.
      • Opened opportunities for employment in a service-based economy thanks to the Welfare State.
    • In 1951, 1/4 married women worked.
      • By 1961, 1/3  worked.
        • 1971, 1/2 worked
          • By 1990s 2/3rd worked.
    • The Mass Media inspired women into the workplace.
      • Many women on TV and Radio instead of just men.
    • Suggested that Mass Media, RESPONDED to social changes, caused by other factors


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