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  • 8.4
    • Laws
      • protect the weak from the strong
      • All groups need laws
      • keep things organised in advanced societies
      • laws in business make sure we are paid fairly and treated fairly
    • Punishment
      • Retribution
      • Deterrence
      • Reform
      • Protection
    • Justice
      • Christian
        • Bible says God is a God of justice
        • Jesus said rich share with the poor
        • New Testament - Christians should treat people fairly
      • Islam
        • Quran says God is just
        • Last Day is concerned with justice
        • Khalifahs share the earth resources equally
        • All people should have equal rights
    • Capital Punishment
      • Christian Views
        • Jesus came to save sinners
        • Jesus banned 'eye for an eye'
        • 'Turn the other cheek'
        • Bible mentions it as punishment
        • Churches have not condemned it
        • Church used it for crimes like heresy
      • Islam
        • set down by God in the Quran
        • Muhammad himself sentenced people to death
        • Shariah law lays down the crimes to be prescribed death and all Muslims try to follow this
    • Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol
      • Alcohol
        • Supervised under 16s can go anywhere in a pub
        • Over 16s can have alcoholic drink with a meal if supervised by an adult


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