8 - Government in Henry VIII's Last Years (1540-47)

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  • Government in Henry VIII's Last Years (1540-47)
    • The fall of Cromwell saw a Privy Council without fixed membership
      • In 1540 power lay with conservatives like Norfolk, Gardiner
        • Once again Henry's marital issues led to power shifts
    • The execution of Catherine Howard and Henry's marriage to Katherine Parr
      • Norfolk overlooked the fact that his neice Catherine Howard was already sexually experienced
        • Allegations of an affair between Catherine and her cousin Thomas Culpepper made matters worse
      • Catherine was executed 13 Feb 1542
        • Several of her relatives were disgraced
        • Norfolk was politically damaged
      • Henry married the Protestant Katherine Parr who posed a threat to the conservative Norfolk
        • He attempted to ruin her in heresy accusations
    • Political Rivalries and the death of Henry VIII
      • The King's health declined and political rivalries intensified
        • The most influential person would be dominant over Henry's successor
      • Norfolk's rival Edward Seymour emerged dominant as the heir Edward's uncle
      • Norfolk's son (Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey) also ruined him
        • Surrey threatened the King's throne + was executed for treason
          • Henry consented to Nrofolk's execution but was spared as the King died first
            • Norfolk remained a prisoner in the Tower for all of Edward's reign


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