Seven Life Processes

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  • 7 Life Processes
    • Movement
      • Animals use energy to move their whole body from place to place
      • Plants can only move parts of their body
      • Plants move towards light and water
      • Plants move by growing - occurs slowly
    • Respiration
      • Process of releasing energy from food or stored chemicals in cells for immediate use by the organism
      • Usually needs oxygen
    • Sensitivity
      • Plants and animals need information about the surrounding environment to survive
      • Respond to different stimuli
      • Plants respond much slower
    • Growth
      • Animals usually reach a certain size and then stop growing
      • Plants carry on growing their whole lives
    • Reproduction
      • Making new offspring so the species continues
      • Can be sexual or asexual
    • Nutrition
      • Organisms must take in energy to stay alive
      • Plants take in simple compounds and make complicated compounds
      • Animals eat other plants and animals and get complex compounds from them
    • Excretion
      • Getting rid of toxic waste
      • Could be gas (CO2)
      • Special Compounds (Urea)
      • Water
      • Plants excrete toxins into leaves which they drop in the winter.


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