7.1. The Jacobean Settlement II

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  • 7.1. The Jacobean Settlement II
    • 10. Policy towards Catholics
      • General policy:
        • Detach moderates from radicals
      • See K. Fincham and P. Lake, 'The ecclesiastical policy of James I', Journal of British Studies 24 (1985)
    • 11. Trends within Jacobean Protestantism
      • Collinson sees the puritan impulse absorbed with the mainstream of the Church of England
        • including 'godly' bishops
      • However, from 1590s more articulate anti-puritan strand developing, and particularly under James - many are more ceremonialist clergy
        • e.g. Lancelot Andrewes. These trends will contribute to the Laudian movement of the 1630s
    • 12. And finally
      • A period of Protestant consolidation
      • Jacobean church sees revival in wealth and fortunes of the church
      • More positive attitude towards bishops and ceremonies developing
      • But a mixed picture overall - especially towards end of reign


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