6.1 - Christianity in Britain

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  • 6.1 - Christianity in Britain
    • History of Britain goes back almost 2000 years
    • Teachings of Christianity deeply embedded in British traditions and culture:
      • School terms
      • Christian calendar influences other British traditions
        • Valentine's Day [a Saint's day]
        • Pancake Day [Shrove Tuesday]
        • Halloween [the day before All Saint's Day]
      • The week has 7 days
    • Nation has religious diversity but Christianity consistently largest number of followers of all religions
    • Established Church = C of E
      • Strong links with the state, government and government led institutions [law, education and military]
    • Queen is head of state and Defender of Faith
      • Crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury
      • Also is the Supreme Governor of the C of E
      • Approves the appointment of senior clerics
      • Opens new sessions of the General Synod [Churches' governing body]
      • Keeps the coronation vow to maintain the Church
    • 'The Church has a duty to protect the free practice of all faiths in this country' The Queen


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