5 pillars of islam

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  • 5 pillars of Islam
      • declaring faith
      • only praying to one god and one prophet shows devotion
    • SALAH
      • praying 5 times a day on clean ground facing Makkah
      • this shows full devotion because it shows you are thinking about him all the time
        • minus is people at work may find it hard to pray 5 times
    • SAWM
      • fasting in daylight hours for a month each year
        • ancestors did not have much food so we are supposed to be feeling for them
          • if you are hungry you think about food not Allah
    • ZAKAH
      • paying 1/40 of your savings to other people
      • this shows you think about others and Allah because Allah created these people
      • if you are quite poor you still need to give up your sacred money
    • HAJJ
      • pilgramige to Makkah
        • shows devotion to god
        • this trip is expensive and difficult when you have kids


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