5.4 - Christian attitudes to warfare

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  • 5.4 - Christian attitudes to warfare
    • C attitude to war is to safeguard human life as far as possible
      • Limited in its level of violence
      • Combatants are required to use the necessary force to overcome the enemy
      • Not allowed to kill indiscriminately
      • Not allowed to kill when a lesser action would stop the enemy
    • "Love your enemies [Matthew 5] vs "Stand up for the oppressed, defend the weak" [Psalm 82]
    • Excessive use of warfare [inc. nuclear weapons] majority of C's oppossed to
    • Methodist Church
      • Condemns use of all weapons of mass destruction
      • Not condemned possession of nuclear weapons as a deterrent
    • Drones
      • Many C's concerned about unarmed drones
      • Carried out remotely
      • Reduce awareness of the human cost of war
      • May make going to war easier and more risk free
      • Harder to apply human judgement


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