5.3 Sigueme en Facebook!

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  • 5.3 Sigueme en Facebook!
    • Stats
      • Facebook: 2 million Spanish users
      • YouTube: 1.5 million Spanish users
      • WhatsApp: 1.3 million Spanish users
      • Instagram: 600 million Spanish users
      • Twitter: 330 million Spanish users
      • Spain has the highest percentage of smart phone users in the EU (82%)
      • Time dedicated to the internet has surpassed TV
        • Spaniards spend on average 4 hours a day watching TV
        • Spaniards spend more than 5 hours a day on the internet.
    • Social media uses
      • Share snippets of life via status updates, photos, videos
      • Organise protests
        • El Movimiento 15-M
          • Citizen movement which emerged in Spain from the manifestation on 15 May 2011, in favour of a more participatory democracy (government where citizens have the opportunity to make decisions about public policy).
      • Key tool de defend democracy
      • Platform for activists to face issues such as educational reforms, corruption, evictions, health cuts.
        • Democracia Real Ya!
      • Politicians are using social media to obtain informative feedback instantly
        • Making their audience engage more
      • See what everyone's up to, watch videos, listen to music, send messages, publish content chat, comment on the news, professional or educational, play games, follow brands, meet people.
    • Problems with Social Media
      • Elderly people
        • Feel excluded
        • Behave offensively
      • Stalkers
      • People spend their day posting nonsense
      • Celbrities can abuse their power
      • Once it's posted, it's there forever
      • You can be robbed of your identity, ideas, bank details
      • Actions can be misinterprated
      • Someone can ruin your reputation
    • Benefits of the internet
      • Can access information instantly without leaving your house. Great for research and homework.
      • People who are shy can talk with friends
    • Cyberbullying
      • Chile
        • Nearly 9 in 10 students have been a victim of cyberbullying.
        • Female students are three times more likely to be cyberbullied than their male counterparts.


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