Customer Service

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  • 5.2 Customer Service
    • Importance of customer service
      • Customer service is the meeting of customer expectations before, during and after a good or service in order to distinguish the product from the competition, obtain repeat custom and gain a good reputation.
        • Product information
          • To obtain the full benefit of the product the customer needs to know how it works
        • Reliability
          • Customers want a product that will meet their requirements each and every time
        • After sales service
          • many products require an ongoing service
    • Consumer protection
      • Trade descriptions act 1968; sale of goods act 1979; food safety act 1990; competition act 1998
        • Disadvantages
          • Increased costs
          • Increases the likelihood of legal action
          • A continuous process to keep up with new legislation regarding consumer protection
        • Advantages
          • A better reputation for UK firms
          • More customers due to confidence in the product
          • Reduces risk of UK products being undercut by poorly made products from home and abroad
    • Impact of ICT on customer service
      • Websites
        • Websites allow customers to access a firm's products through the internet
          • They are cheap and easy for a firm to set up; they allow the consumer to identify and purchase products
      • E-commerce
        • Electronic commerce is any form of business transaction between the firm and the consumer through the use of ICT
          • The internet allows access to customers 24/7; E-commerce improves the speed of sales; small firms can source cheaper supplies through the internet; expansion through E-commerce is likely to be less expensive than opening new stores.
      • Global/ international markets
        • small firms no longer have to remain in local or regional markets; this also increases threat of competition from abroad  from abroad; ICT will help to improve customer services thtrought quicker response times; selling abroad may create problems due to cultural and legal issues in other countries


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