5 year plans

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  • 5 year plans
    • 1st Five Year plan
      • output of coal and iron and the generation of electricity all increased in huge proportions
      • no effort made to reward the workers
      • sacrificed living standards to improve soviet state
    • The 2nd and 3rd 5 year plans
      • more realistic
      • same lack of co-ordination as the first
      • overproduction in some parts of the economy and underproduction in other parts of the economy
        • some had sufficient timber but no steel and some had too little timber but lots of steel
          • some materials hoarded due to lack of proper supply
      • still poor working conditions
        • massive famine depleating people and efforts
      • benefits of 1st FYP was kicking in and heavy industry became successful
    • The Stakhanovite movement 1935
      • party's control of newspapers meant only favourable things were shown: all was well and the workers were happy
      • Man did 7x his workload and was looked upon favourably as a role model
      • some areas given privileges like good tools- production loss where movement was most enthusiastic
    • weaknesses
      • no attention payed to quality goods
      • failed to increase agricultural production & living standards
    • german invasion destroyed 3rd FYP


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