LCW Heywood's 5 Values

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  • 5 Values of Liberalism - Heywood
    • Individualsim
      • 'Individualism refers to the belief if the supreme importance an individual holds over any social group or collective body.'
      • Egoistical individualism: Emphasis' on self-interestedness and self reliance.
      • Modern Liberals: developmental form of individualism that prioritizes human flourishing over the quest for interest satisfaction.
    • Freedom
      • 'The ability to think or act as one wishes, a capacity that can be associated with the individual a social group or a nation.'
      • Liberals: Priority to freedom as the supreme individualist value.
    • Reason
      • The capacity to take charge of their own lives and fashion their own destinies.
      • Significant in highlighting he importance of discussion, debate and argument.
    • Justice
      • 'A moral standard of fairness and impartiality; social justice is the notion of a fair or justifiable distribution of wealth and rewards in society.'
      • Refers to the distribution of material regards and benefits in society, such as wages, profits, housing, medical care, welfare benefits.
    • Tolerance & Diversity
      • 'Forbearance; a willingness to accept views or action with which one is disagreement.'
      • Both an ethical ideal and social principle. on one hand it represents the goal of personal autonomy; on the other, it establishes it a set of rules about how human beings should behave towards one another.


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