5. Causes of the Albigensian Crusade

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  • 5. Causes of the Albigensian Crusade
    • Fears of Catholic church
      • Catholic's churches primary methods of eradicating heresy were failing
        • In 1198 Innocent III sent Cistercians to preach against heresy and in 1205 suspended bishop of Beziers for failing to suppress heresy in his diocese
        • In 1206, Cistercian Dominic Guzman, Diego of Osma and papal legate Peter of Castelnau failed to convert group of heretics in city, Raymond-Roger Trencavel's capital
          • Failure surprised pope, because, like the heretics, Guzman and his preachers led a simple life and preached in the vernacular
          • Through failures Pope Innocent knew church of diocese of southern France was ill-equipped to address Catharism and to break bonds attaching laity to it
      • Suspicions some leading clergy favoured heretics
    • Pope Innocent III had been trying, and failing, for some years to involve kings of France and England in venture against Count Raymond VI of Toulouse
      • Murder of Peter of Castelnau in Languedoc on 15 January 1208 was opportunity for proclamation on 10 March 1208 of a crusade against those powerful noblemen and towns that were said to offer protection to heretics


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