4 Phases of Lysistrata

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  • 4 Phases of Lysistrata
    • ONE - Conception
      • we learn about the initial situation and discover what the idea is. Sometimes, it is evidently already well formed as in Lysistrata and in course of being put into practice, before the play begins - but we are kept mystified for a considerable time as to the exact nature
    • TWO -  Struggle
      • the heroine meets with and overcomes difficulty or dangers standing in the way of implementing the idea often taking the form of opposition of a group or a person. Lysistrata has to face male opposition from the men's chorus and the magistrate but also more than once that of her own followers
    • THREE - Realistation
      • the idea is put into effect. In Lysistrata this is the sex strike
    • FOUR - Consequences
      • a series of scenes illustrating the effect that follow from the implementation of the idea, that are highly beneficial at least in terms of comic concept of happiness. In terms of Lysistrata, Sparta and Athens arrange a peace treaty


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