4.4 - The design argument

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  • 4.4 - The design argument
    • William Paley
      • Used an analogy of a watch
        • If found on a heath and looked at, would show evidence it had been designed
        • World shows complexity and purpose (showing it had been designed)  like a watch (hands etc...)
    • Frederick Robert Tennant
      • Saw evolution as evidence of existence of designer God
      • Evolution has a purpose - to develop increasingly complex life forms
        • Become more intelligent and possess moral awareness
        • Tennant believed this demonstrated that evolution was guided by God
    • Anthropic Principle
      • The universe is so perfectly structured to ensure that life would develop
    • Introduction
      • The appearance of design in the world is evidence for the existence of a creator
      • The natural world reveals an order and complexity that could only be achieved through intelligent design and being: God


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