4.4 A bailar!

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  • 4.4 A bailar!
    • Dances from the North of Spain
      • gaitas
    • Dances from the South of Spain
      • Flamenco
        • Originated in Andalucia
        • Thought to have developed through a cross-sultural interchange between Andalusians, Romanis, Catilians, Moors and Jews
        • Involves cante, toque, baile, jaleo, palmas and pitos.
      • Las Sevillanas
        • Influenced by Flamenco
        • Folk music and dance of Seville
        • Danced by couples of all ages
    • Dances from the centre of Spain
      • las jotas
      • Las seguidillas
    • La Sardana
      • Symbol of the unity and identity of the Catalonias whos customs and traditions atr very different to the rest of Spain.
      • How to dance la Sarana
        • They go from left to righ or vice versa, some times raising their arms and other times lowering them.
          • When their arms and heads are raised, it's like saying 'Somos catalanes y muy orgullosos de serlo'
      • La cobla, the Sardana's accompanying orchestra, consists of 11 people and has 10 wind instruments and a bass.
        • Traditional intruments
          • la trompeta - trumpet
          • el trombon - trombone
        • Typically catalunian instruments
          • la tenora
          • el tambori - small hand drum
    • Dances from the Dominican Republic
      • el merengue
        • Was first a male dominated dance, but since the mid-80s, female bands have begun to emerge.


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