Protecting staff through legislation

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  • 4.3 Protecting staff through legislation
    • Equal pay and minimum wage laws
      • equal pay act 1970- men and women must be paid the same pay for the same job
      • National minimum wage act 1998- firms must pay at least a minimum wage per hour for a job
      • Impact on a small business
        • wage costs will be higher or less jobs will be offered
        • small businesses could be taken to court for ignoring them
        • The reputation of the firm may suffer if they fail to comply
    • Discrimination
      • Equal pay act 1970; sex discrimination act 1975; disability discrimination act 1995; age discrimination act 2006; race relations act 1976
        • Impact on a small business
          • Increased costs may arise; advertising of jobs needs to target all sections of society; the best person should be selected for the post advertised.
    • Employment rights
      • Over the years these laws have reduced the power of unions
      • they have increased costs due to improved holiday, sick and maternity pay for employees
      • it has become more difficult to dismiss employees without good grounds for doing so.
    • Health and safety
      • Health and safety at work act 1974; Corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act 2007
        • Impact on a small business
          • it is important that health and safety is taken seriously in the workplace
          • Costs will arise due to the implementation of health and safety
          • There are serious legal implications if a firm fails to ignore health and safety, including heavy fines and jail


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