Demography: Death rate trends in the UK since 1900

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  • Demography: Death rate trends in the UK since 1900
    • Improved nutrition
      • Thomas McKeown (1972) argues that improved nutrition is the cause of the death rate decreasing in over half.
        • However he couldn't explain how women lived longer with the same nutrition
        • He also couldn't explain how some diseases actually rose at a time of improving nutrition,
    • Medical improvements
      • After the 1950's, medical knowledge improved and so death rates were reduced.
      • Included the introduction of antibiotics, blood transfusion etc. Also the setting up of the NHS in 1948.
    • Smoking and diet
      • The decrease in the number of people smoking reduces death rate.
      • In the 21st Century, obesity became the new lifestyle epidemic, replacing smoking.
    • Public health measures
      • Housing was improved during the 20th century because of effective local governments.
        • Also, purer drinking water, laws to combat the adulteration of food and drink, the pasteurisation of milk and improved sewage systems.
      • The Clean Air Acts reduced air pollution that led to 40000 deaths in 5 days in 1952.


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