4.10 - God revealed through other people

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  • 4.10 - God revealed through people
    • Meeting inspirational people
      • Can have significant effect on people
      • May feel a sense of God's presence if hear how God worked in others' lives
      • Also feel a presence through someone finding faith through work in their church
      • When someone's life changes dramatically (drugs, alcohol etc) many feel God's work
      • Transforming power of HS is inspiring and encouraging for own faith
    • Figures from Christian history
      • C's may look to these people to and study lives to see how God has helped people in the past.
      • Examples
        • Elizabeth Fry
          • Involved in a prison reform (1800s). Driven by sense of value of all and God wanting to show love
        • John Wesley
          • Preached in open fields to lots of people who become C's (Revival)
      • Many C's encouraged by what God did in the past and if pray, they hope it will happen in the future
      • Key thing for believers today, is the way their lives reveal God's power of work across all of time


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