4.1 production processes

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  • 4.1
    • types of production processes:
      • job production: products made individually like cake. adv: high quality and one-off. can change high price and make good profit. disadv: high cost method. need high skilled workers. production may be slow so high wait time.
      • batch production: one type of product is made in a batch and then production is switched to make a new product. eg bread/paint adv: batches can be varied to meet customer needs. no storage costs if good are made to order. cheaper than job production. disadv: machines need resetting which costs. stocks of raw material may be needed, extra cost. tasks may be repetitive and boring, bad staff retention.
      • flow production: take place continuously using a production assembly line. adv: large quantities on sale,. may gain economies of large scale reducing unit costs. use of automation can reduce costs. use of computer controlled allows variation. disadv: may not be high quality. large stock required. if automation problems halt the production. repetitive and boring task leading to poor staff retention.
    • influence of technology on production and business.
      • use of technology in production:
        • robotics: machines programmed to do work like welding, tightening of bots, painting etc. mechanical uses.
        • computers: can be programmed to control machines. workers use for work like spreadsheets, writing letters etc.
        • automation: completes repetitive tasks without continuous input from an operator. eg sensors or machine that fill and seal.
      • advantages: machines replace workers, reducing costs. worker productivity increases. waste reduced as automation is more accurate. production is flexible as programs can be changed. tech can go 24/7. human safety improved. new technology can lead to new products.
      • disadv: need skilled workers to operate computers. workers need to be retrained, higher cost. machines can break down disrupting production. new tech is expensive. storage of data needs to abide by laws.


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