4.1 - Christian understandings of God

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  • 4.1 - Christian  understandings of God
    • Introduction
      • Majority accept Trinity
      • Unitarianism
        • God is one being
        • Jesus was a son of God, not literally God
      • Jehovah's Witnesses
        • Argue Jesus was created by Jehovah
        • As he has a beginning, unlike Jehovah, he is not eternal
      • Holy Spirit
        • Nicene Creed - spirit comes from father and son
        • Orthodox Church - father is source of everything, reject Western church teachings
        • Eastern Orthodox Church - spirit comes from only the father
    • God's relationship with the world
      • Understandings come from Genesis and Creation
      • World is dependent on the command of God
      • The language of the Bible often presents God's work like that of a craftsman
      • World is dependent on God for its existence
      • God's involvement continues after creation
        • God continues to sustain all things
      • Disagree if created ex-nihilo (from nothing) or preexistent matter
      • Natural world is a witness for God's existence
    • God's relationship with humanity
      • "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness" Genesis 1:26
      • Sets humans apart from rest / Unique link as made in God's image
      • In Creation, God gives humans role of stewardship
      • Care for humanity seen in incarnation. Maintains relationship through Holy Spirit
      • God's care for humanity seen by his provision of:
        • A means of salvation
        • Promised Land of Canaan for the Israelites
        • Laws and Commands
    • Reasons for different Christians views on God's relationship with the world and humanity
      • Protestant Churches
        • Don't need a mediator between them and God
        • Jesus enabled all people who truly believe in God to pray directly to him and have personal relationship
      • God is timeless
        • God is not  limited, not does he change
        • God's plans are bound to happen, as see all time
        • He is in time, no start or end but with humans every moment
        • But if outside time, can't relate to his creation
      • Catholic Church
        • Priest act as link between humans and God
        • When priest ordained,is acting in power of God not his own power
      • God is everlasting
        • God is in time, no start or end, but with humans all the time
        • Sees God is personal and engaged with his creation and humanity


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