Electric counterpoint

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  • 3rd Movement (Fast) from Electric Counterpoint
    • Time Signature
      • 3/2 to 12/8 to 3/2
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • Reich uses TONAL AMBIGUITY -keeps the listner guessing as to what key the piece is in.
        • The bass guitars confirm E minor when they enter, but actually in the AEOLIAN MODE
    • Pitch & Melody
      • Guitar 3 uses ADDITIVE MELODY where 2 or 3 notes keep being added until the whole riff is heard.
    • Dynamics
      • Not many changes in dynamics - mainly in solo part fading in and out.
      • Four ensemble parts playing the first riff remain mf all the time. other parts have dim. finishing with a crescendo to ff for the solo part at the end.
    • Rhythm and Tempo
      • Made up of LAYERED OSTINATI which are PHASE SHIFTED and DISPLACED.
      • Constant tempo throughout.
    • Form and Structure
      • The piece is divided into 2 main section (A) and (B) with a CODA.
      • The main sections are split into 4 smaller sections, each of which is defined by changes of key and texture.
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