3 Gorges Dam

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  • Three Gorges Dam
    • Defences Used
      • 3600km of Levees along the Middle and Lower part of the River
      • 46 Dams are planned or under construction on the River
      • Biggest Dam is 3 Gorges
        • Reservoir behind can store around 22km cubed of flood water
        • 101m High.
        • Locks built along side it
    • Advantages
      • Reduced major flooding from once every 10 years to once every 100 years
      • Turbines in the Dam produce 22.5 gigawatts of hydroelectric power, enough to supply 3 % of China
      • Now much safer to navigate up the Yangtze River, increased shipping as the reservoir is now deep, so increase in trade.
      • Seen as a tourism attraction
    • Disadvantages
      • 1.3-2 million people have to relocate, 13 cities and 1352 villages will be submerged
      • 1300 sites of cultural and historical interest will be destroyed e.g. Temple of Zhang Fei
      • Expensive - £25billion
      • Destroys habitats and endangers species e.g. River Dolphin
      • Dam will trap sediment usually carried down the river which could lead to failure of the Dam and cause catastrophic flooding


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