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  • 1947
    • Winston Churchill made the Fulton Speech on 5th March. Told how bad Communists were
    • February 1947 - British told President Truman they could not afford to keep soldiers in Greece and could not send aid to Turkey
    • 12th March - President Truman made a speech to Congress - Truman Doctrine - says America will help - significant as after every other war they've gone back to isolation - USA's policy became that of containment
    • Europe 1947: Severe economic crisis following bad harvest in 1946. In France & Italy this led to support for Communism groups.  Fear was growing that Europe may turn Communist. Stalin had troops in Eastern Europe
    • The Marshall Plan - $17 billion. Offered aid to countries who made an acceptable application. Even USSR could apply
      • Stalin responded with Cominform - a Communist version
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